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Value-Added Services

Congress Drives believes that supporting our customers is the only reason we are in business. That's why we constantly look for ways to exceed our customers' expectations and add value to their businesses.

Here are some of the ways we achieve this:

  • Timely delivery - We work with our customers to understand their production needs and inventory requirements. Then we adapt our schedules to make sure they have the right parts when they need them. Deliveries can range from "just-in-time" service with consistent order fulfillment to batch processing to meet specific requirements.
  • Warehousing - We help customers manage their inventory by creating cost-efficient production schedules, then storing the parts until they are needed to meet seasonal or high-demand production variations.
  • Proactive Purchasing - We help our customers manage costs by forward buying materials, then offering fixed pricing for a set period to help eliminate fluctuations in metal pricing.
  Value-Added Services
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