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Step Cone Pulleys

Our Step cone pulleys are ideally suited for applications where there is a need to quickly and easily change rotation speed.

Step Cone Pulleys
Step Cone Pulleys

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They are available in bore size 1/2" to 1" with these features:

  • Available in 2-Step, 3-Step, & 4-Step Styles
  • Designed for use with 4L, or A section V-Belts
  • All pulleys have 1/2" Groove
  • 5/8"- 3/4" Bore with 3/16" x 3/32" Keyway
  • 1" Bore with 1/4" x 1/8" Keyway
  • All pulleys furnished with 5/16" - 18 x 1/2" socket head set screws

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